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WP Poll Survey & Voting System is a very simple and easy to use WordPress plugin that I have created in order to help people decide on the topic of their blog posts. This plugin will help you keep track of all the votes cast for your posts and you will even be able to see which posts are getting the most vote after a certain period of time. This plugin is completely free to download and use on your blog. The best thing about this WP Polls plugin is that it works with any WordPress blog. One thing that is good about this WP plugin is that it comes with over 15 different color schemes which will match any color scheme on your blog. To top it all, this WP plugin also gives you the option of adding a short code anywhere on your site to enable people to vote on your blog posts.

One thing that I want to tell you about this WP poll and voting system plugin is that it works very well under all of my major WordPress themes. I personally use WordPress 5.4, but you should not have too much trouble using this plugin on any theme. In order to change the color scheme of this plugin, all you have to do is open up the settings tab of the plugin, then choose the desired color scheme from a popup menu. There is also an option in the bottom left corner of the popup menu to enable/ disable polls.

Once you enable polls on your site, it will go live. You can open up your dashboard to view your current statistics and click on the Change Polls tab. There is also an option in the bottom right corner of the widget dashboard to change your login email address. Just click on New User. You will need to fill out your new user information, including your name and password. Once you are finished, you can change back to your regular user account and approve or reject any post from new visitors that come to your site.

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